BOE Distributors launches the next big thing that is to hit South Africa

Cape Town, Western Cape: BOE Distributors Pty Ltd, a South African design and manufacturing company with over 30 years of experience collectively in sales, plastic manufacturing industry, and security consultant is proud to have launched a Respishield Face Mask to be able to offer a safer and easy to use alternative to cloth and surgical masks. Designed and manufactured to support the Covid-19 pandemic, the Respishield face mask is an injection moulded reusable face mask with a replaceable filter and adjustable headband that will comfortably fit all face profiles.

The Director of BOE Distributors, Elton James says, “We developed the Respishield Face Mask as we could see the need to locally manufacture a safe reusable and affordable face mask that will be accessible to all the people of our country.”

The Respishield Face Mask is much more different from cloth or surgical masks as it is manufactured in a thermoplastic with a grid section that houses the filter. By touching the outside and moving it on to sit comfortably on your face, it is very unlikely that touching the mask will leave or spread germs, therefore it is much safer to use. Furthermore, the product can easily be cleaned with soap and water and dried with a towel. The mask is fitted with a replaceable SABS approved filter that must be replaced (depending on usage) once a day. The Respishield face mask is supplied with three replaceable filters and extra filters can be purchased separately at a reasonable cost from BOE Distributors.

During the development stage of the Respishield face mask, manufacturers found the product to be safe to use from the age of six years and above. No breathing difficulties were reported. The product has been tested through family, friends and colleagues for a (2 months ). Users found that the mask is indeed easy to use and it can last as long as you can keep it, you just need to replace the filters.

Not only is the Respishield face mask water proof, it is also comfortable to wear. It will definitely benefit school children, cyclists and bikers, builders and construction workers, the mining and security industry, joggers and your everyday individual travelling during rainy winter weather as the mask will not get soaked. The masks can also easily be branded for companies and individuals who prefer a uniforms.

“The mask is designed with enough room between the inner wall and your mask area on your face so there is no interference, making it comfortable to wear all the time, be it indoors or outdoors while having conversations with others”, adds Elton James.

Women can now even wear liptstick without worrying about it sticking to their masks. The Directors and manufacturers of the product would like to advise businesses and individuals to buy the Respishield Face Mask as it is reusable and a once off buy with only having to replace the filters. The cost to replace filters is a fraction of the cost of any other mask in the market. Cleaning the mask is as simple as washing it with soap and water, drying it with a towel and putting it back on your face to keep you protected and germ free. The reusable Respishield face mask was developed to save lives and to keep our population safe at a minimum cost to an already struggling economy. By purchasing this product that is proudly South African, you will not only save money but it is also a safer mask for you and your family.

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During this critical time, this is another way in which we are trying to do our part in fighting this pandemic, help reduce the spread of the disease and keep our children safe.

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